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The purpose of this page is to tell the story of a group of families of the Glen Falls area who are special to us: The Arbėresh or Italo Albanians from Acquaformosa, a town in Southern Italy. Their contribution to this neighborhood of the City of Baltimore was made through their determination to care for one another. Their sometimes fiery disposition made life quite exciting, and the anecdotes that are told about a few of their unorthodox ways certainly make for interesting reading.

The old map to the right depicts the location of Glen Edwards avenue, where many of the families lived for a few decades. According to Mr. Jacques Kelly, a writer for The Baltimore Sun, this neighborhood was part of Remington. About 1940 the humble row houses disappeared under tons of fill dirt to level the ground for a Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. property. Its rather secluded location discouraged local traffic and provided for the Arbėresh families an opportunity to create a tightly knit community. More...

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