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List of Internet addresses for Spanish practice

Use this sheet to help you locate sites that will help you practice/review vocabulary from Paso a Paso 1/A and B, and Paso a Paso 2. This page will be updated periodically.
You will be able to play more games and have fun preparing for class participation, quizzes and tests! J

All you have to do is locate the BOOK,
then locate the CHAPTER,

then locate the actual TOPIC or VOCABULARY SECTION you need. If you want to have a specific chapter in your current book, look below and click on the appropriate hyperlink.

Here are other sites that will be very useful:

For VERB FORMS, try http://tradu.scig.uniovi.es/conjuga.html Type the verb in the box, then press the button "Conjugar". To erase, press "Borrar."
For VOCABULARY, try www.studyspanish.com/vocab/index.htm
For CULTURAL INFORMATION, try www.studyspanish.com/culture.htm
For the official PASO A PASO site, try http://www.phschool.com This general site is good in case you get stuck trying to get to the specific links listed below for each chapter.

Mrs. Bodily has a class page with basic class rules.

For Spanish grade 8, click here: http://www.quia.com/pages/spanish8a2.html

For Spanish grade 9, click here: http://www.quia.com/pages/spanish9bo.html

Mrs. Breindel has a class page with basic class rules.

For Spanish grade 8, click here: http://www.quia.com/pages/spanish8a1.html

For Spanish grade 9, click here: http://www.quia.com/pages/spanish9br.html

  1. There are three books: Paso a Paso A, Paso a Paso 1, and Paso a Paso 2. Games and activities for Paso a Paso A/Paso a Paso 1 are listed below. The games and activities for Paso a Paso 2 are listed on the second page.

El primer paso: Here’s where we get surprised at how many Spanish words are so close to English.

El primer paso/ sección 1 If you want to see just a few of those words and play some games, click here:

El primer paso/ sección 2 ¿Cómo te llamas? What is your name? Here you have a few phrases that are sure to impress your audience! Try these games!

El primer paso/ sección 3 ¿De dónde eres? Where are you from? Click here for games:

El primer paso/ sección 4 La sala de clases Here are some flash cards and games on the vocabulary in this section:

Here is a hangman with people and things you find in your classroom:

El primer paso/ sección 5 Numbers, numbers, numbers… and other useful stuff, like days of the week, and months of the year, Click here to get flash cards and games:

El primer paso/ sección 5 Games and cards for a few of the words in this section right here:

Last but not least, here are all kinds of useful questions, such as "What is your phone number?"

Are you feeling like you can actually handle this Spanish stuff? GREAT! That’s the idea! Practice makes perfect, so… here are some more fun activities that you can try and not get in trouble!

Chapter 1: Y tú, ¿Cómo eres? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? All kinds of words to describe yourself: funny, kind, generous, good looking… You get the picture… And what you like to do. Here are some cards and games:

Section 1 What do you like to do? Try these cards and games to practice all kinds of activities:

Section 2 What are you like? Cards and games related to personal characteristics:

Chapter 2: This is all about your classes, what to need for each class, and your class schedule. You will also learn what YO means in Spanish!

Section 1 Vocabulary ¿Qué clases tienes? (Sounds easy, doesn’t it) Try these cards and games:

Or try these cards and games on subject pronoouns: I, you, he, etc.

Section ¿Qué hora es? Be a pro at telling time after you give these cards and games a spin!

Here is a pop game with subject pronouns in Spanish! You know, I, you and I, he and I… You get the idea

And if you need some ACTION, try this –AR ending verb game!

We are not done yet! Get a partner and challenge him/her to this mean game!

Or try these jumbled words on school subjects and schedule! Click here:

Chapter 3: This is all about WHEN we do stuff and WHERE we go. It also shows you how to invite someone to go somewhere, and to accept or refuse an invitation.

Section 1 vocabulary ¿Cuándo vas al parque? This is the WHEN part. Cards and games for this section:

Section 1 vocabulary ¿Cuándo vas al parque? Give these jumbled words a spin!

Section 2 vocabulary ¿Te gustaría ir conmigo? This is the WHERE part. Click below and try these cards and games!

Chapter 4: Meals and foods, fruits, vegetables and drinks You will find games to tell what you like to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Remember "Yo quiero Taco Bell!")

Section ¿Qué te gusta comer? What do you like to eat? Click here to find flash cards and neat games!

Section ¿Tienes hambre? Are you hungry? Here are some games and flash cards about different fruits, vegetables and drinks

Chapter 5: Description of family members and other people

-Here are some jumbled words for section 1 vocabulary.

Chapter 5 section 2 flash cards and games are here:

Have fun with a challenge board! Take a peek!

Chapter 6:Clothing/Shopping and describing items you bought, where you bought them, and how much you paid.

Section 1 vocabulary cards and games:

This is a site for practicing colors in section 1 (The title says "Section 2" but it’s section 1):

-These are flash cards and games for the vocabulary in section 2

Chapter 7: Vacation/Weather

These are flash cards and games for the vocabulary in Section 1: Places to visit, description of places and things to see and buy

Try these Jumbled Words on places to visit on vacation!

Section 2 Vocabulary: Different types of weather, what one should wear, etc. Click here for flash cards and games:

Try this Hangman on Items to take on a vacation!

Try this pop-up on making vacation plans! It’s really neat to sharpen your conversation skills.

What do a can and "poder" have in common? Check this out!

¡Yo quiero tacos! How about two dozen sentences with the verb querer in Spanish and in English?

Hmmm... What mischief are you planning? I see you have "pensar" written all over your face! If you "piensas" to succeed in Spanish, you better give these a spin!

If you need skills in the verbs "poder"/can, be able to, "querer" / to want and "pensar" / to plan, all together, there is a pop-up game to have fun practicing! Click here:

We have put it all together in this challenge board for you to have fun! Click here:

Hmmmm.... Are those verbs giving you indigestion? What about trying this?
To get to the verb poder, go down a little to the window that says, "Which Verb(s) do you want to practice?". From the verb pulldown menu, you can pick "poder". If you poke around, you should also find "querer". Good luck!

Take a peek at this verb memory jogger... and let's put those verbs in their place!

Proficiency Exam Tips for Note Writing

Sample writing task: Write a 30 word note to your pen pal about your last vacation.

Before you go all out to write your 30 word note, take a minute to plan! In this chapter you will have to write a note about going on vacation. Here are the steps:

1. Write 5 words each on who, how, what, when, where, why, and some verbs.

Who: yo, mi familia, mis padres, mis amigos, mi hermano
How: en tren, en avión, en bote, en auto, en taxi
What: la maleta, el paraguas, el bronceador, el traje de baño, los anteojos de sol
When: hoy, el verano pasado, el invierno pasado, cuando hace frío, cuando hace calor, la semana pasada
Where: la playa, el mar, las pirámides, la selva tropical, el museo
Why: para descansar, para tomar el sol, para sacar fotos, para comprar recuerdos, porque me gusta(n)
Verbs: fui, fuiste, visitar, explorar la selva, sacar fotos, comprar recuerdos, pensar (and all of its forms in Spanish), llevar

2. Now you put it all together, one sentence at a time: Yo fui a visitar las pirámides la semana pasada con mi familia. You get the idea. Write 4-5 sentences, and you will have a great composition! Give it a try!

Chapter 8: Rooms in your home, activities that you perform in it; furniture in your bedroom and in other areas of the house.

Section 1: ¿Cómo es tu casa? Rooms and activities, with some of our favorites! Clean the bathroom, take out the trash… ¡Qué asco! Play a few games and flip a few cards in this link:

Section 2 ¿Cómo es tu dormitorio? Furniture found in some rooms of the house, and how to describe them. Cards, fun and games in this link:

Verbs "poner" and "hacer" in the present tense. A brief pop-up to refresh your memory… Great review game before a quiz or test! Click here:

Here's a good mix of several verbs listed in this unit: poner, hacer, tener que, vivir and preferir. Let's see how good you are at getting the right forms:

Another game with a mix of "go" verbs. Whew!!! -go, -go, -go!!!!

A little miffed about those little words that show who owns what? Here’s a practice quiz to help you tell them apart! Click here:

Hold on to your hats! Here comes a show of skill, toughness and elbow grease! The meanest review game this side of the Mississippi! Find a partner and play!

Here are some interesting links on The Day of the Dead, information, videos, etc.: http://www.azcentral.com/rep/dead/

Chapter 9: The Body/Health

Here is the vocabulary for section 1, body parts and expressions on what hurts and how long since it’s been hurting:

Now, try this Hangman on body parts!

Section 2: What’s wrong with you? Find out in this section!

How about some practice with the verb dormir? Try this brief practice quiz!

If you want to challenge a partner, here is your opportunity! Grab a chair, get comfy, and let's go! Click here: http://www.quia.com/cb/9885.html

Butter for a burn... chamomille tea... Interested in some home remedies and the Herbal Index? Click here!

Info on an herb that is 100-200 times sweeter than sugar, comes from a plant, not synthetic, has no calories, no side effects, and helps people with diabetes:http://www.healthwell.com/healthnotes/Herb/Stevia.cfm

Chapter 10: Places and activities in the community

Section 1: Places in the community. What did you buy at the supermarket? How much money did you get from the bank? Stuff like that! Click here:

Section 2: Nice places: the hotel, the restaurant, and so on. Where is the restaurant? and questions like that. Click here:

For a nice verb review in the preterite that will "pop" in front of your eyes, try this! -ar and selected -er -ir verb forms: http://www.quia.com/pop/10462.html

More mumbo-jumbo! Jumbled words on prepositions... [fancy name for place-words: far, near, etc.] http://www.quia.com/jw/15289.html


For activities from the Paso a Paso site: http://www.phschool.com/atschool/paso/Paso1/Student_Area/Paso1_SC10_ACT_index.html

For the past (preterit) tense of verbs like comprar, buscar, and other regular verbs ending in –ar, click here, type a verb ending in -ar, press "conjuga" and look under the heading "Pretérito":

Chapter 11: TV shows and movies This chapter shows you how to talk about different types of shows and movies, and to give your opinion about them.

Section 1: Types of TV shows and opinions about them. What’s your favorite type of show? Click here!:

Section 2: Let’s go to the movies! What type do you prefer? Are you interested in mushy ones? Action? Suspense? Click here!

Los tacos de Taco Bell son más deliciosos que los tacos de mi tía Luisa... and things like that. Comparisons game: http://www.quia.com/pop/11696.html

A super game on superlatives... as in the most... disgusting! :) ¡Qué asco!http://www.quia.com/pop/11730.html

For the grammar points of superlatives and the past (preterit) tense of the verb ver, click here and look under the appropriate category:

Chapter 12: Food, table setting and how to order your meal at a restaurant

Section 1 ¿Con qué se hacen las enchiladas? Yummy vocabulary with ingredients to make tacos, burritos, enchiladas, you name it! As Emeril Lagasse says, "Bam!" Click here:

Section 2 ¡Me falta una cuchara! Table setting, words to say what you ate, drank and ordered. Click here:

Here is a great game to review for the unit test!

To review grammar points related to: the present tense of the verb pedir (to ask, order); traer (to bring); and the indirect object pronouns (You use them to say "Please bring me the chicken with rice", for example); and the past tense (preterit) of verbs like comer, beber and salir look in the appropriate sections in this site:

Chapter 13: Recycling, taking care of the environment, animals

Vocabulary for animal packet:

Can you guess what animal I am?

Section 1 ¿Cómo podemos conservar energía? Words related to recyclable items, and action words related to how to recycle and conserve energy. Click here!

Section 2 ¿La tierra forma parte del medio ambiente? I the Earth part of the environment? Learn some names of wild animals! It’s a zoo in there!

Here are some Java games on animals:

For the grammar points of the present tense of the verbs decir and saber, look in the appropriate section here:

* * * * * * *

Final Exam Preparation for Spanish I (Proficiency Exam)

Proficiency Exam Tips for Speaking Portion

  1. Game with the question word "que" (what) - Questions and answers in conversations using "que"

Proficiency Exam Tips for Note Writing and Listening Portions

Verbs: querer/to want, necesitar/to need, viajar/to travel, salir/to go out or leave, regresar/to return, esperar/to wait, tener/to have, poder/to be able to, deber/should, hacer/to do or make, estar/to be in a place or how you feel.

"yo" forms, present tense: quiero, necesito, viajo, salgo, regreso, espero, tengo, puedo, debo, hago, estoy, fui (I went) Remember that when you use one of these with another verb, the second verb ends in -ar, -er, -ir. Example: Necesito salir (I need to leave)

Words that you will hear for sure in the final exam: Viaje/trip, asiento/seat, avión/plane, pasaporte/passport, lluvia/rain, esperar/to wait, sala de espera/waiting room, a pie/on foot, cerca/near, lejos/far, retraso/delay, maleta/suitcase, mal tiempo/bad weather, buen tiempo/good weather, impermeable/raincoat, tarde/late, temprano/early, medio ambiente/environment, contaminación/contamination, reciclar/to recycle.
Practice flash cards for all chapters below, particularly travel, foods, family, professions, animals and community!

Question word song:
Por qué means why
Por qué means why
Quién means who
Quién means who
Cómo, how, qué, what
De dónde, from where
Cuándo, when
Cuándo, when...
Know them backwards and forward! That's how important they are.

Finally, bring a couple of pens and a pencil! You will be able to write your two 30-word notes in pencil on scrap paper, but your test has to be written entirely in INK! DON'T RELY ON SOMEONE ELSE TO BRING YOUR MATERIALS!

Good luck, and see you Monday at 8:00 a.m. sharp!

Mrs. B.

Chapter 14: Party time! Whew! We’ve worked hard and had fun, too! Time to learn how to have a good time, in Spanish!

Section 1: Different types of parties and people that you might meet there:

Section 2: Clothes and accessories for a party. This is where you learn to gossip in Spanish: What each guest is doing! Click here for more details!

What's going on at the party? Pop into this game to find out!

Do you feel contrary today? This game's for you... and for a cranky friend!

Give, give, give! I give you, you give me, they give us, etc., etc.! See if you can keep them straight!

Get into the whole "fiesta" scene! Unit test review:

For reviewing the present progressive tense of verbs ending in -ar, click here and look for the appropriate section:

This does not relate exactly to our textbook, but it is very good to review grammar points. Please try it if you need help with any of these concepts. You do not need to take your book home!

Hyperlink to FREE online tutorial based on general topics:

News from Argentina from the newspaper Clarín:http://ar.clarin.com

Cool Latin Midis:http://midistudio.com/midi/LA_AZ.htm

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